Above It All Tree Care

Ensuring all of our Temple, Belton, & Harker Heights, TX clients are satisfied

If you're in or around Temple, TX Belton, TX Harker Heights, TX, or surrounding areas, and are ready to have that tree stump removed from your yard, call our team at Above It All Tree Care. Our stump removal process ensures that all of our customers receive the same great and careful service.


The kind of stump grinder we use, and the time frame of the job, all depends of the location of the stump. When you call us at Above It All Tree Care, we will check the location of your stump first.

Type of tree

The type of tree is important. It tells us how dense the stump is and the complexity of the root system.

Soil Condition

Soil conditions can vary across Temple, Belton, & Harker Heights, TX. How rocky or fertile the soil is will tell our professionals at Above It All Tree Care which grinder to use and what the job process will entail.

Proximity to utilities

The last thing we want to do is cause an issue or create another job when we leave your yard. Breaking an irrigation line, cable line, or invisible fence is not an option. One of the first things we want to know is if there are any kind of water, irrigation, electric or cable systems near the stump.

Size of the stump and depth of root system

The diameter of the stump you want removed is one of two major contributors to the cost of your stump grinding job. Another incredibly important factor is the depth of the root system, which typically depends on the soil condition and the species of the tree.